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1, 2011

Temperature impact on kinetic parameters of polymerization and characteristics of neodymium-based Polyisoprene Akhmetov I.G., Vagizov A.M. (P. 2).

The temperature impact on isoprene polymerization carried out over modified neodymium-based catalyst was studied. The kinetic quantitative information of the process was obtained. The molecular parameters and the microstructure of the obtained polyisoprene samples were defined using GPC and IR-spectroscopy.

Key words: Polybutadiene, polymerization kinetics, molecular characteristics, neodymium-based catalyst system

Effect of Addition of Liquid Rubbers on the Properties of Rubber Compounds and Vulcanized Rubbers. Part 2. Modification of Compounds based on Butadiene Acrylonitrile Rubber Voronchichin V.D., Dubkov K.A., Semikolenov S.V., Ivanov D.P., Ilin I.A., (P. 4).

Modifying effect of two oligobutadienes and functional oligomer of new type (unsaturated polyketone, Mn=2200, 17,3 % mass. of = groups) on the properties of row and vulcanize butadiene acrylonitrile rubbers was studied. It was shown that addition of the polyketone into raw compound improves some of processing and mechanical properties of rubbers.

Key words: modification, liquid rubbers, butadiene acrylonitrile rubber, processing and mechanical properties

Effect of Molecular Mass of Oligoisobutylene on Properties of Nondrying Hermetic Perova M.S., GalimzyanovaR.Yu., Khakimullin Yu.N., Volfson S.I. (P. 7).

The posibility to decrease the molecular mass of butyl rubber with organic peroxide has been shown. The obtained oligoisobutylenes were in use for production of nondrying sealant. Effect of molecular mass of butyl rubber on properties of incurable sealant was studied.

Key words: incurable sealant, butyl rubber, oligoisobutylene

Effect of Specific Features of the Structure of Oxipropiated Aromatic Amines on Processing Properties of Rubber Compounds. Part 2 Ionova N.I., Zemskii D.N., Dorofeeva Yu.N., Kurljand S.K., Mokhnatkina E.G. (P. 9).

Effect of presence of oxipropiated aromatic amines on process of coagulation-and-finishing of polyisoprene has been studied. The increase of oxipropiation results in increase of thermo- and oxygen age resistance of rubber compounds and vulcanized rubber, however the effect on mechanodestruction is low.

Key words: polyisoprene, thermo- and oxygen age resistance, mechanodestruction

The Production of the New Processing Additives for Rubber Compounds by Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Waste Oil Karmanova O.V., Repin P. S., Korneeva O. S., Tikhomirov S. G., Tarasevich T.V. (P. 12).

Method of hydrolysis of waste oil (waste of oil-fat industry) by yeast lipases (Yarrowia lipolytica) is developed. Products obtained are tested as processing additives.

Key words: hydrolysis, waste oil, processing additives.

The New Modifying Systems Based on Molecular Complexes of Nitrogen-Containing Heterocycles and Bifunctional Unsaturated Organic Acids Logvinova M.Ya., Inzhinova L.M., Sakharova E.V., Khlebov G.F., Fomin S.V., Kablov V.F., Potapov E.E. (P. 15).

On the basis of quantum-mechanical calculation the objects of obtaining modifying systems has been chosen and synthesized. Properties of rubber compounds containing new modifiers was studied and its advantages shown.

Key words: modifying systems, properties of rubber compounds

Modification of Rubber Cramp by Trichloro- and Trifluoroacetic Acids Lazebnaya L.G., Khokhlova T.V., Tuzhikov O.O., Sychev N.V., Tuzhikov O.I., Zheltobryukhov V.F. (P. 20).

Modification of blends of isoprene and butadiene rubbers by trichloro- and trifluoroacetic acids has been studied. The addition of modified rubber cramp in rubber compounds results in increase of the level of mechanical properties and age resistance of elastomers.

Key words: modification, trichloro- and trifluoroacetic acids, structure, blends of isoprene and butadiene rubbers, mechanical properties, age resistance

Promoter for Better Rubber/Fabric Adhesion Säwe M. (P. 22).

Resorcinol pre-condensate Rhenosin T used as an adhesion promoter for rubberized fabric coatings is presented. Rhenosin T is usually processed in combination with latex but does not necessary require the use of formaldehyde. Rhenosin T provides improved bonding for series of fabrics such as polyester, polyamide, aramid.

Key words: Rhenosin T, fabric coating, adhesion promoter, dip, latex, polyester, polyamide, aramid

Elastic Characteristics of Ultralow-Pressure Tire under Different Types of Loading Part I. Goncharenko S.V., Pryadkin V.I. (P. 24).

Based on laboratory tests elastic characteristics of special ultralow-pressure tire under longitudinal and lateral loading have been determined.

Key words: ultralow-pressure tire, elastic characteristics, longitudinal and lateral loading

Chemistry and Technology of Industrial Synthesis of Halogenated Butyl Rubber. Part 2. Brominated Butyl Rubber Zanaveskin L.N., Averianov V.A., Zanaveskin K.L., Stepanov P.A. (P. 26).

Review of papers devoted to chemistry and technology of industrial synthesis of brominated butyl rubber.

Key words: butyl rubber, brombutyl rubber, chlorine, bromination, isomerization.

International Rubber Conference (IR-2010) n India Reznichenko S.V., Morozov Yu.L., Reznichenko D.S. (P. 35).

Review of papers presented on International Rubber Conference (IR-2010) n India, (Mumbai, 17 19.11.2010)

Key words: IRC-2010, rubber, tires, rubber articles, ingredients, methods

Russian Rubber and Tire Industry Is Prepared to Be Included in New World-Wide Trends Ryazanov V.A. (P. 39).

Review of papers presented on International Conference Rubbers, tires and RTI 2010, organized by company Creon (Moscow, Hotel Balchug Kempinski, 30.11.2010).

Key words: rubber, tire, prospects of science and industry

Meetings of Russian Chemists Union Ismailov A.S. (P. 42).

Report on two meetings of Russian Chemists Union 46 (Kazan, 23.06.2010) and 47 (Moscow, 14.10.2010).

Key words: prospects of chemical industry, techno-towns, international contacts

List of Papers Published in the Journal Rubber Chemistry and Technology in 2009 (P. 44).

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