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4, 2012

Some Features of Polymerization of Styrene in the Emulsion with a Low Content of a Monomer in the Reaction System Zhachenkov S.V., Gritskova I.A., Levachev S.M., Lobanova N.A. (P. 2).

Effect of the way of preparation of emulsions on its dispersion has been studied. Emulsification of hydrocarbon phase by the water solution of surfactants and by the water dilution of the concentrated system of hydrocarbon-surfactant-water system up to the same concentration of surfactants is in use. Latexes of an average particle sizes 30 130 nm and different molecular-mass distribution are received.

Key words: polystyrene, surfactant micelles, microdroplet of monomer, nanoscale polymer suspensions, particle size distribution, molecular-mass distribution.

Synthesis of Polybutadiene in Presence of Titanium Catalysts of Different Disperse Composition Zakharov V.P., Mingaleev V.Z., Zakharova E.M. (P. 7).

Synthesis of polybutadiene over titanium catalysts has been studied. Formation of high molecular weight polymer on large particles of catalyst of several types of active centers, and low molecular weight fraction on small particles is shown.

Key words: Polybutadiene, polymerization, titanium catalyst, catalyst fraction, active centers

Study of the Effect of Styrene on the Process of Metathesis Destruction of Polybutadiene Rubber SKD-ND Scheglova N.., Bogomolova .N., Yakimov R.V., Ashirov R.V. (P. 9).

Metathesis destruction of high-molecular polybutadiene rubber using ruthenium carbene complex was studied. Increases of destruction rate and reduces of Mw of destructed polymer in presence of styrene is shown. Mn of destructed polymer doesnt depend on the presence of styrene.

Key words: polybutadiene, styrene, metathesis, ruthenium-carbene complex, destruction of rubber.

Effect of Type of Sulfuric Vulcanizing System on the Properties of Dynamic Thermoplastics Elastomers Based on Polyethylene and Ethylene-Propylene-Diene Rubber Zaderenko T.V., Satvalov R.G., Yulovskaya V.D., Serenko O.A. (P. 12).

The blends of polyethylene and ethylene-propylene-diene rubber dynamically vulcanized by thiuram and sulfur-containing systems were studied. Effect of composition of the vulcanizing system on the crosslink density in rubber and therefore on the mechanical properties of dynamic thermoplastics elastomers (TPR) is shown. The deformation properties of TPR are determined by the deformation properties of the dispersed rubber phase.

Key words: TPR, PE, ethylene-propylene-diene rubber, crosslink density, mechanical properties.

Properties of Vulcanizates Based on Polydimethylmethyl(5-Trifluoromethyl-5,6,6-Trifluourobicyclo[2.2.1.]Heptyl)Siloxane rubber Khoroshavina Yu.V., Nikolaev G.A. (P. 15).

Filled and unfilled vulcanizates based on polydimethylmethyl(5-trifluoromethyl-5,6,6-trifluourobicyclo[2.2.1.]heptyl)siloxane were received and studied.

Key words: fluorosilicone rubbers, vulcanization, silicone compounds

Effect of carbon nanotubes on properties of elastomer materials filled with shugit Kornev Yu.V., Yanovskii Yu.G., Boiko O.V., Guseva M.A., Chirkunova S.V. (P. 17).

Properties of elastomer compounds based on styrene-butadiene rubber filled with shugit and specially synthesized carbon nanotubes have been studied. Some increase of mechanical properties as well as the change in vulcanization kinetics is shown. These changes are dependent on chemical composition of catalysts used in synthesis of nanotubes.

Key words: styrene-butadiene rubber, shugit, carbon nanotubes, mechanical properties, vulcanization kinetics

Study of the Possibilities to Use Shugit (Karelit) in Composition of Technical Rubbers Based on Polychloroprene and Intended for Automotive Engine Torsion Oscillation Dampers Nikitashina O.G, Potapov E.E., Yurovskii V.S., Bobrov A.P., Belkovskii V.V. (P. 19).

Properties of technical rubbers based on polychloroprene with the part or the entire fillers, MgO and ZnO changed by shugit (karelit) have been studied. Improvement of some mechanical properties including tgδ and rubber-to-metal bond strength is shown. The use of shugit (karelit) is possible in compositions for automotive engine torsion oscillation dampers.

Key words: polychloroprene, karelit (shugit), MgO, ZnO, kaolin, mechanical properties, tgδ, rubber-to-metal bond strength.

Optimization of Structure and Properties of Magneto-Elastomeric Compositions Based on Fluroelastomer SKF-26 Taganova V.A., Pichkhidze S.Y., Yurovskiy V.S. (P. 23).

Effect of dosage of magnetic filler Nd-Fe-B on properties of magneto-elastomeric compositions based on fluroelastomer SKF-26 and used for oil seals have been studied. An advantage of surface modification of magnetic fillers by product -187 is shown. The use of magnetic rubbers with this fillers provides compression set of the same level as that of serial rubber.

Key words: flour elastomer, magnetic filler, modification, mechanical properties, compression set.

Design of the Heat- and Oil-Resistant Adhesive Compositions for the Rubber/Cord Articles Tretyakova N.A., Khodakova S.Y., Lyusova L.R., Naumova Yu.A., Agayants I.M., Kuznetsov A.S. (P. 27).

Adhesive compositions based on the polymer blends for the rubber-cord articles working in corrosive medium at elevated temperatures have been designed. Rubberized by diene rubbers aramid cord and chloroprene as well as butadiene acrylonitrile rubbers were in use.

Key words: adhesive composition, chloroprene rubbers, butadiene acrylonitrile rubbers, aramid cord, rubber/cord articles, heat-resistance, oil-resistance, rubber-to-cord bond strength.

Elastomer Composition Based on BNR modified by 2-Stirilbenzimidazolom Tuzhikov O.O. Tuzhikov O.I., Khokh-lova T.V., Lukasik V.A., Orlova S.A., Zheltobryukhov V.F. (P. 30).

Modifying of compound based on BNR by 2-stirilbenzimidazolom, synthesized by interaction between phenylenediamine and cinnamic acid in the presence of phosphoric acid, was studied. Effect of compound composition on mechanical and vulcanization properties, heat resistance and thermal aging of the obtained elastomer materials is shown.

Key words: BNR, 2-stirilbenzimidazolom, synthesis, vulcanization, heat resistance, thermal aging

On Production and Consumption of Butyl - and Galo-Butyl Rubbers in the World Il'in V.M., Rezova A.K. (P. 33).

Review of data concerning position of butyl- and galo-butyl rubbers in the world rubber industry

Key words: butyl rubber, galo-butyl rubbers, rubber industry

International Exhibition of Materials Based on Fibers. Row Materials, Equipment, Production Leschenko E.V. (P. 40).

Review of events on International Exhibition Techtextil Russia 2012, organized by Messe Frankfurt Rus. (Moscow, Expocenter, 12 14 March 2012)

Key words: technical textile, fibers, equipment, textile/rubber goods

Conference Devoted to Enikolopov Zaikov G.E, Zimina L.A. (P. 42).

Review of papers presented at XVIII XX Conferences devoted to Enikolopov (Moscow, Institute of Synthetic Polymer Materials by N.S. Enikolopov RAN, 15.03.2010, 14.03.2011, 13.03.2012)

Key words: polymers, nanocomposites, ecology, investigation methods

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