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Modification of Natural Latex by Polymer Suspension Stabilized by Surfactants of Different Nature – Gritskova I.A., Krasheninnikova I.G., Khodzhaeva I.D., Khachaturyan I.V., Kheksel L. (P. 2).

Mechanical properties of films of natural latex modified by specially synthesized different polymers stabilized by surfactants of different nature have been studied. The use of polystyrene suspension with surfactant of silicone nature results in the best strength properties.

Quantum-Chemical Simulation of Migration of Inhibitors in Tire Rubbers – Mukhutdinov E.A., Karimova L.K., Mukhutdinov A.A. (P. 3).

Migration of inhibitors Diaphen FP and DPPD in NR tire rubber has been studied experimentally and quantum-chemical simulation of this process is presented. Mechanism of migration is under discussion.

Effect of Crystalline Structure and IR Frequency Characteristics of Diaphen FP and DPPD on Their Synergism – Mukhutdinov E.A., Mukhutdinov A.A. (P. 7).

Phase diagram of mixture of Diaphen FP and DPPD has been obtained and their IR spectrum, individual and in mixture, has been studied. Analysis of phase diagram and changes of IR frequency characteristics under mixing open the possibility to understand the nature of synergism in tire rubbers.

Polyfunctional Modifier for Rubber Compounds Based on Ethylene¬Propylene and Chloroprene Rubbers – Keibal N.A., Bondarenko S.N., Kablov V.F., Goryainov I.Yu., Munsh T.A. (P. 12).

Effect of aminocontaining modifier on adhesive and mechanical properties of rubbers has been studied. Addition of 2.5–5 phr of this modifier in chloroprene based rubber compounds results in improvement of their adhesive (on 30–40 %) and strength (on 15–20 %) properties and increase of hardness. Improvement of adhesive and strength properties in presence of modifier is shown also for ethylene¬propylene based rubber compounds.

Effect of High-Dispersing Powders of Shungit and Termin on Properties of Rubber Compounds Based on Butadiene Acrylonitrile Rubbers – Sheverdyaev O.N., Bobrov A.P., Kornev A.E., Sheverdyeva N.V., Chernik G.G., Krynkina V.N. (P. 13).

Effect of high¬dispersing powders of shungit and termin on mechanical properties of rubber compounds based on butadiene acrilonitrile rubber SKN-26 have bee studied. Increase of modulus and tensile strength especially in the case of the use of the mixture of both fillers is shown.

Application of Processing Additives for Elastomers – D’yakonova L.M. (P. 14).

Effect of two types of processing additives has been studied in model and different technical rubber compounds. Significant decrease of viscosity without decrease of mechanical properties of vulcanized rubbers as well as improve of some service characteristics is shown.

The Estimation of the Properties of Rubbers of Different Filler Content by Means of Dynamic Indentation Method – Mozgalev V.V., Kren’ A.P., Rudnitskii V.A. (P. 17).

The possibility of the application of the dynamic indentation method for the filler content control and prediction of the mechanical properties of rubbers under different temperatures have been examined.

Development and Study on Technical Rubbers for Pipelines Seals – Lipovtseva S.G., Yurovskii V.S., Sinichkina Yu.A., Kornev A.E. (P. 21).

The possibility of the use of gas absorber and plasticizer PEF-1 in the rubber compounds developed for water pipelines seals has been studied. Rubber compounds meet all the requirements of ISO Standard 4633-96. Sanitary of water and aging of rubber have been also studied and 50 year service of seals is predicted. Processing of production of two component gasket seals is developed.

Methodical Approach to Development of Vulcanization Conditions of Profile Rubber Goods – Mikhailov D.A., Voskresensky A.M. (P. 25).

Computer simulation system of processing stages in manufacturing of profile rubber seals is proposed. Its application opens the possibility to calculate most efficient vulcanization conditions for long profile seals.

Recovery of End-Effectors of Machines Worn in Abrasive Mediums by Means of Gumming – Serbin V.M. (P. 29).

Method of gumming by means of molding with tear-resistant rubber is presented. As a result the increase of tear resistance of machine components is available.

Cutting of Materials by Means of Water Jet of High Pressure – Yakovleva Yu.V. (P. 31).

Advantages of method of cutting of different types of materials, including rubber materials, using the water jet of high pressure (hydrocutting) are described.

Ecological and Economical Efficiency of Regrooving Tires. Part II. Economical Reasons and Requirements to Production – Slyudikov L.D., Volodina T.N. (P. 32).

Economical reasons supporting efficiency of regroovng of bus and trolleybus tires and detail of the regroovng process are presented.

The Efficiency of the Restructurization of the Processes of Cord Dip and Heat Treatment – Antosenkov A.V., Tret’yakov O.B. (P. 35).

Method of calculation of economic parameters of organizing new and restructurization of the existing processes of cord dip and heat treatment at tire production is presented and possible economic efficiency is shown.

Rubber Compounds Based on Fluorosilicone Rubbers: Present Day State and Prospects of Development – Kuznetsova O.V., Donskoi A.A., Markin E.A. (P. 37).

Review of present¬day state and prospects of development of production of fluorosilicone rubbers of different structure in Russia and abroad and composition and properties of fluorosilicone based technical rubbers.

Basic Science to Medicine. Allrussian Conference – Zaikov G.E (P. 43).

Review of papers presented at Allrussian Conference “Basic Science to Medicine”. (27 – 29.11.06., Moscow).

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