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¹2, 2013

Column of the Editor in Chef – Reznichenko S.V. (P.1 )

Journal “Kauchuk I Rezina” – informational area of the rubber field.

Key words: information, innovation, new processing and technology

Retention of Journal Tradition Together with their Multiplication – Morozov Yu.L. (P. 4 )

The main directions of the changes of the Journal content.

Key words: information, tradition, innovation, new processing and technology, foreign experience, factories activity

On the Perspective Problems Facing Journal “Kauchuk I Rezina” – Kablov V.F. (P.4 )

On the history of the Journal, about including in information networks of Science, on the extend of interaction with Universities, Institutes of RAS and All Russian Society by D.I. Mendeleev

Key words: history, interaction with Universities, information networks, Institutes of RAS, Mendeleev Society

“Kauchuk I Rezina” on the Front Edge of the Rubber Field Information – Potapov E.E. (P.5 )

On the history of the Journal and new directions of science and technology development

Key words: history, biological sources of rubbers, mineral fillers

Rubber Field Strategy: Reality and Prospects – Sarychev V.Yu. (P.6 )

Situation in the rubber field, interaction with science, entry into WTO, international competition, perspective of development of “Saransky plant “Resinotechnika”, formation of holding "RUBEX GROUP" with JSC “Kurskresinotechnika”. New hose processing line.

Key words: WTO, competition, holding, hose, processing line

To the Role of Hexachloro-p-Xylene in the Polymerization of Butadiene in n-Hexane under Catalytic System Nd(OCOC4H9)3-AlH(i-C4H9)2-C6H4(CCl3)2 – Zolotarev V.L., Markov B.A., Yartseva T.A. (P. 10 )

Analysis of the papers devoted to polymerization of the butadiene in n-hexane under neodymium catalytic system is presented. The role of hexachloroparaxylene not only as a chlorinating, but also as a branching agent is shown.

Key words: 1,4-cis-polybutadiene, hexachlorparaxylene, halogenating and branching agents, molecular weight distribution, polymerization kinetics.

Effect of Processing Additives on the Properties of Rubber Compounds of Silica of High Dispersity Based on SBR of Solution and Emulsion Polymerization – Sitnikova D.V., Bukanov A.M., Kovaleva A.N. (P.14 )

Effect of processing additives based on fatty acids on the properties of the styrene-butadiene rubber compounds filled with highly dispersed silica has been studied. Improvement of vulcanization and mechanical properties of compounds based on rubbers of solution polymerization is shown.

Key words: processing additives, surfactant, styrene-butadiene rubber of solution and emulsion polymerization, highly dispersed silica.

Investigation of Zinc Methacrylate as an Activator of Peroxid Vulcanization of Rubber Compound Based on BNR – Sandalov S.I., Ushmarin N.F., Chernova N.A., Koltsov N.I. (P.20)

The possibility of the use of zinc methacrilate instead of zinc oxide as the activator of peroxide vulcanization of rubber compounds based on the BNR is shown. Under high temperatures and aggressive environment mechanical properties of rubber compounds of zinc methacrilate are better, than that of zinc oxide.

Key words: BNR, zinc methacrilate, zinc oxide, peroxid vulcanization, mechanical properties, aggressive environment.

Determination of Mass Composition of Polymer Compounds by Fourier IR-Spectroscopy. System PU-PHB – Markin V.S., Zhulkina A.K., Iordansky A.L. (P.24 )

Method for determining the mass fraction of PU in polymer composite for medical purposes on the basis of PU-PHB is proposed. Use of the IR-spectroscopy allowed to determine the fraction of PU in the mixture in the wide range of concentrations with an accuracy of 8–10%.

Key words: Fourier IR-spectroscopy, PU, PHB, polymer blends, mass fraction.

Effect of Character of Acrylonitrile Units Distribution on the Blending of Butadiene Acrylonitrile Elastomers with Ethylene-Propylene-Diene Rubbers – Livanova N.M., Popov A.A., Shershnev V.A. (P.28 )

Effect of character of acrylonitrile units distribution of BNR of different polarity on interfacial interaction in binary heterogeneous cross-linked blends of BNR and EPDM of different comonomer content and stereoregularity of propylene units has been studied. The change of ozone resistance and its change under elongation are shown.

Key words: BNK, EPDM, polymer blends, interfacial interaction, microstructure, ozone resistance.

Study of Stress-Strain State of Rubber/Metal Tracks by Finite Element Method (FEM). Part 1. Description of Design and Modeling – Tolstov A.M., Yurtsev L.N., Sokolov S.L., Veselov I.V. (P.34 )

Design of rubber/metal tracks and principles of their modeling by FEM are presented.

Key words: rubber/metal tracks, design, modeling, FEM.

Study of Stress-Strain State of Rubber/Metal Tracks by Finite Element Method (FEM). Part 2. Results – Tolstov A.M., Yurtsev L.N., Sokolov S.L., Veselov I.V. (P.38 )

Results of calculation of stress-strain state, temperature, contact pressure and durability of rubber/metal tracks are presented. Calculation performs by means of FEM with the use of the software complex BASYS+

Key words: Rubber/Metal Tracks, FEM, stress-strain state, temperature, contact pressure, durability.

The New Conception of Carcinogenic Safety for Modern Tires – Radbil A.B., Shchepalov A.A., Dolinski T.I., Kuimov A.F., Khodov N.V. (P.42 )

Review devoted to carcinogenic safety for modern tires. New conception of carcinogenic safety including the use of new processing oils is proposed.

Key words: carcinogenic safety, international ecological legislation, processing oils.

World Production of Butadiene Acrylonitrile Rubbers – Il’in V.M., Resova A.K. (P.48 )

Review devoted to properties and world production of butadiene acrylonitrile rubbers.

Key words: BNK, BNK world production.

Steel Cord/Rubber Adhesion Joint. Formation and Failure – Shmurak I.L. (P.56 )

Review devoted to tire steel cord/rubber adhesion, morphology of contact, and modification of brass coating of steel cord and rubber compounds.

Key words: steel cord, brass coating, composition of rubber compounds, modification.

182-nd Conference by Rubber Division of American Chemical Society – Yurovskaya I.S. (P.62)

Review of papers and information about International Exhibition and Conference by Rubber Division of American Chemical Society (Cincinnati, USA, 9 –11.11.12)

Key words: rubber, fillers, nanostructures, science and technology.

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