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2, 2015

Sums up of the Work of Russian Rubber Industry in 2014. The Main Changes of Consumption Bondar L.M., Fomina A.A. (P. 4)

Analysis of the data on the production of synthetic rubber (SR) by Russian producers as well as export and import of SR is maid. Data by agency Chim-Kurier are in use as well as of some other sources, including custom statistics. The comparison of the changes in SR consumption before and after appearance the tire plants of leading foreign companies in Russia is also presented.

Key words: SR production, export SR, import SR

Effect of Styrene Content and Features of Molecular Structure of Solution Styrene-Butadiene Rubber on Service Properties of the Tread Rubbers Galimova E.M., Akhmetov I.G., Borisenko V.N., Galimov R.R., Sakhabutdinov A.G. , Mohnatkina E.G. (P. 6).

Effect of styrene content and features of the molecular structure of SSBR obtained on lithium-initiating system, on the service properties of the tread rubbers has been studied. IR specters of SSBR samples are obtained, their molecular mass MM and distribution MMD, Moony viscosity, as well as glass transition temperatures Tg of SSBR samples were determined. The change of styrene content from 5.2 to 30,6 % results in the change of MMD and increase of Tg from -28 to -5. Moony viscosity and 1,2-units content is nearly constant. Tread rubbers based on SSBR provide the higher tgδ data at +60 C at styrene content 16%, strength and processing properties are also satisfied. Ranking diagram of service properties of tread rubbers is presented.

Key words: SSBR, styrene content, molecular mass, tread rubbers, processing properties, strength and service properties

The Comparison of Physicochemical Properties of the Similar Grades of Russian Carbon Black Razdyakonova G.I., Kokhanovskaya  O.A., Likholobov V.A., Pyanova L.G. (P.10).

Physicochemical properties as well as specification indicators of 10 grades of carbon blacks, produced in Russia according to GOST 7885 and ASTM D1765 standards have been compared. Iodine, oil and DBP absorption, specific surface, bulk density, and morphology of these carbon blacks were determined. The possibility of interchangeability of some types of the carbon black with the others is shown.

Keywords: carbon black, properties, specific surface, morphology, structure, bulk density, elemental composition

Effect of Structure of Para-Phenylenediamine Antidegradants on the Cure Characteristics of Rubbers Composition Poldushova G.A., Kandyrin K.L. Reznichenko S.V. (P. 14).

The number of antioxidants, the derivatives of para-phenylenediamine, were studied, some of them were specially synthesized. Effect of the length and structure of alkyl substituent at the nitrogen atom of these derivatives on properties of filled rubber compounds is shown. Vulcanization kinetics of compounds based on isoprene rubber SKI-3 is changed if compounds are filled with carbon black. There is nearly no such effect for compounds filled with silica. The cause of these phenomenons is under discussion.

Key words: para-phenylenediamine antioxidants, silica, carbon black, vulcanization kinetics

Improvement of Processing of Cassette Oil Seals Kopyltsov V.V., Taganova V.A. Pichkhidze S.Y., Yurovskiy V.S. (P.18).

Improved processes of design and manufacturing of cassette gaskets (rubber/metal oil seals for shafts of agricultural machines) providing simple and cheap articles of high service life are presented.

Key words: cassette oil seals, design, processing, agricultural machines

Some Features of Consumer Properties of Elastomer Seals Shutilin  Y.F., Panov S.Y., Moiseev V.V., Korystin S.I. (P.20).

A comparative study of the main consumer properties of window sealants based on EPDM and styrene-butadiene was carried out. Compression set, resistance to ozone and swelling in the water were measured. The advantages of EPDM seals for plastic windows were confirmed.

Key words: EPDM, styrene-butadiene , compression set, ozone resistance, water resistance

Future Tire Production Principles and Methods Peled J. (P.22).

The 10 criteria upon which future tire plants will be built are presented. There are: capital investment, safety and quality, environment, recycling, automation, specialization, outsourcing, limited space availability, geographical considerations, change in tire construction. Analysis of validity and consequences of each one is performed. The conclusion is maid, that a change in tire production facilities is inevitable.

Key words: tire, tire plants, development of tire industry

VMI, AZ RETRAX Reurslag D. (P.26).

For the rapidly evolving retread market VMI group offers a new AZ RETRAX key technology, replacing traditional using of precut strips of cushion rubber compound by direct extrusion of hot rubber on buffed casings. The new technology provides lower material cost and waste, lower labor costs, lower warehousing costs, higher product quality and better environmental performance. Using this new technology will be mostly beneficial in mature markets, in countries with developed road infrastructure and big industrial retreading companies.

Key words: AZ RETRAX, retreading, cushion rubber compound, direct extrusion

Study of products characteristics of free-radical emulsion-type styrene-butadiene copolymerization process on the basis of the Monte-Carlo method Mikhailova T.A., Miftakhov E.N., Nasyrov I.Sh., Mustafina S.A. (P.28).

The mathematical model of free-radical emulsion-type styrene-butadiene copolymerization process on the basis of statistical approach with the use of the Monte-Carlo method has been developed. The model allows to study properties of the product of copolymerization and to predict the values of molecular characteristics of copolymer: molecular weight distribution (or mass distribution, MMD), number-average molecular weight (Mn), weight-average molecular weight (Mw) in real time of process.

Key words: copolymerization, conversion, intrinsic viscosity, statistical approach, Monte Carlo method, MMD, Mn, Mw.

Styrene-Butadiene Rubber: Capacity and Firm structure of Production in the Word Ilin V.M., Rezova A.K. (P. 36)

Review devoted to properties, production capacity and companies producing styrene-butadiene rubber in the world.

Key words: styrene-butadiene rubber, world production of styrene-butadiene rubber, capacity of production, production companies

Once More on Polyisoprene. Historrical Aspect Masagutova L.V. (P.44).

History of collaboration of Russian, English and Malaysian scientists in the field of NR and synthetic polyisoprene. History of Abdul Razak Laboratory (TARRC).

Key words: polyisoprene, NR, TARRC

NIISK and NKNKh Collaboration is in Progress Ryahkovsky V.G. (P.48).

Information about seminar devoted to collaboration of Institute of Synthetic Rubber (NIISK, St. Peterburg) and Nizhnekamskneftechim (NKNKh Nizhnekamsk) in the field of synthesis of different rubbers, improvement of processing and training. (25.02.15., Nizhnekamskneftechim, Nizhnekamsk, Tatarstan)

Key words: seminar, synthesis of rubbers, processing, training

Elastic or Rigid (P.50).

Post-release on the 8th International Conference Polyurethanes 2015, organized by INVENTRA, CREON group (24.02.15., Moscow)

Key words: conference, Polyurethanes, production, raw materials

National Oil and Gas Forum (P.56).

Post-release on national oil and gas forum organized by Energetic Ministry together with leading enterprise and specialized associates (25.02.15., Expocenter, Moscow)

Key words: forum, Oil and Gas complex, innovations, import substitution

Technical textile Symposium. Trends of development of the field of Technical textile and nonwoven materials in Russia and abroad (P.58).

Post-release on Techtextil Russia Symposium 2015 (8th International Symposium on Technical Textile, Nonwoven Materials and Protective Clothing) (18 19.03.15., Moscow)

Key words: symposium, technical textile, nonwoven materials, protective clothing, trends of development, conference

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