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¹5, 2005

Cold Vulcanization of Nonsaturated Rubbers by C-Nitrose Systems – Klyuchnikov O.R., Deberdeev R.Ya., Zaikov G.E. (P. 2).

Kinetics of vulcanization of nonsaturated rubbers by C-nitrose systems has been studied and mechanism of these processes is proposed.

The Use of Halogenated Polybutenes for Modification of Plastics – Ronkin G.M. (P. 5).

Improvement of properties of polyethylene, polypropylene, and polystyrene under modification by different types of halogenated polybutene-1, and advantages of the use of these elastomers for modification are shown. Mechanism of this effect is under consideration.

Effect of Microstructure of Ethylene-Propylene Elastomers on Their Relaxation Properties – Yulovskaya V.D., Shershnev V.A., Ostroukhova O.A., Kolesnikova N.N., Popov A.A. (P. 8).

Stress relaxation and tensile properties of vulcanized and unvulcanized ethylene-propylene elastomers (Keltan grade) of different microstructure, in particular, ethylene content have been studied. Increase of ethylene content results in increase of initial stress and stress under high deformation (connected with stress induced crystallization). Characteristic features of mechanical behavior at room temperature and +70°C supposed to be connected with the presence of fluctuation joints of higher strength and content in elastomers of higher ethylene content.

Destruction of Synthetic Rubbers as a Method of Production of Components for Finishing Compositions – Kovalevskaya L.L., Ivanov A.M. (P. 12).

Oxidation kinetics of styrene-butadiene rubber in organic solvent (white spirit) in presence of catalyzers has been studied. Effect of nature of catalyzers and stirring of solution on properties of products is shown. The products obtained are in use as components for paints, lacquers, finishing compositions for leather and the like.

Effect of Rubber Composition on Parameters of Functions Approximated Stress–Strain Dependences under Uniaxial Tension – Shumilov I.V., Solov’ev M.E. (P. 14).

Multiconstant equations for approximation of stress–strain dependences under uniaxial tension are proposed and dependencies of their parameters on rubber composition are obtained. The mathematical model supposed to be useful for prediction of rubber properties on the base of rubber composition.

The Effect of Electric Field and γ-Radiation on Mechanical Properties of Elastomers Based on Ethylene Propylene Terpolymer and Fluorine Elastomer – Zelenev Yu.V., Karyazov S.V., Zelenev M.Yu., Koptelov A.A. (P. 19).

Preliminary results of the study of the effect of electric field and -radiation on mechanical properties of filled elastomers are presented. In electric field all mechanical parameters are nearly linear with the values of specific charge q passed throw specimen. For elastomers based on ethylene propylene terpolymer they increase, for fluorine elastomer – decrease. The changes are suppose to be connected with electrolysis. Effects of electric field and γ-radiation are additive.

About Interaction of Carboxyl Containing Latex Polymer with Polyamide – Shmurak I.L. (P. 24).

The formation of amide bonds is shown to be a result of interaction of carboxyl containing latex polymer with polyamide.

Obtaining, Properties and Application of Explosion Nanocarbon in Elastomeric Composition – Lyamkin A.I., Red’kin V.E., Chiganova G.A., Goncharov V.M., Ershov D.V. (P. 25).

Ultrafine powders of graphite and diamond (nanocarbons) obtained under explosives with insufficient oxygen content are proposed for modification of elastomeric composition. Production and properties of nanocarbons are described. Comparison of properties of model and real elastomers filled with nanocarbons and carbon black is presented. The use of mixtures of both types of fillers (prepared in water) is recommended.

Modernization of Laboratory Apparatus for Tribotesting of Elastomers – Serbin V.M. (P. 29).

Modernization of laboratory apparatus for tribotesting of elastomers and testing procedure are described. The possibility of the studying of friction between different elastomers is shown.

Materials and Processing of Tire Manufacturing – Prospects of Development – Pichugin A.M. (P. 32).

Prospects of development in row materials (rubbers, other ingredients, including fillers)and cords, their quality and prices as well as processing quality of rubber compounds are under consideration. New equipment and methods of tire manufacturing are also reviewed.

Study of the Cutting Process of Metal Cord Tires – Veschev A.A., Provorov A.V., Plotnikov R.S. (P. 38).

Mechanism and consumption of energy of cutting process of metal and anide cord tire have been studied. The main consumption of energy is connected with cutting of cord. Geometry of cutting and effect of underlying material are also under consideration.

Modification of Ground Vulcanizates by Phosphor Containing Substances – Tuzhikov O.O., Al’ Diabatt S.S., Khokhlova T.V., Tuzhikov O.I., Zheltobryukhov V.F. (P. 43).

Different methods of modification of ground tires by phosphor containing substances are described. The crump obtained are of high absorption ability to mercury and aniline and recommended to the use for cleaning of waste water.

Properties of Composite Materials Based on Polypropylene and Ground Vulcanizate – Golub L.S., Poloz A.Yu., Vaschenko Yu.N. (P. 44).

Effect of production method of tire crump and its modification on rheological and mechanical properties of composite materials containing polypropylene has been studied. Modification opens the possibility to improve mechanical properties.

Conference “Rubber, Tires, and Engineering Rubber Goods 2005” – Daitkhe V.A. (P. 44).

Detail information about Conference organized by company Creon and rcc.ru in hotel “Balchug” in Moscow,27.07.2005 is presented.

International Specialized Exhibition “Modern Polymer Materials” – Aleshnikov V.E. (P. 46).

Information about future International exhibition “Modern polymer materials” is presented. Exhibition will be held in Moscow (SC “Olympiiskii”) from 13 to 16 June 2006.

Center of Collective Use “Instrumental Chemical Analysis and Complex Study of Substances and Materials” of Moscow State Academy of Fine Chemistry Named by M.V. Lomonosov – Fomichev V.V., Yulovskaya V.D. (P. 47).

Information about investigation and testing possibilities of Instrumental Chemical Analysis Center is presented.

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