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¹1, 2015

Effect of Molecular Mass and Viscosity of Solution Styrene-Butadiene Rubber on the Properties of Row Rubber Compounds and Vulcanizates Filled with Silica – Galimova E.M., Akhmetov I.G., Borisenko V.N., Sakhabutdinov A.G. (P. 4)

Effect of molecular characteristics and viscosity of solution styrene-butadiene rubber on the properties of row rubber compounds and vulcanizates filled with silica has been studied. An improvement of service and strength properties of vulcanizates filled with silica at certain molecular mass and viscosity of the rubber itself is shown.

Key words: solution styrene-butadiene rubber, viscosity, molecular mass, silica, vulcanizates, mechanical properties.

Properties of Vulcanizates Based on Polyphenylsilsesquioxane-Polydimethylsiloxane Block Copolymer – Khoroshavuna Yu.V., Frantsusova Yu.V., Nikolaev G.A. (P. 10)

Polyphenylsilsesquioxane-polydimethylsiloxane block copolymer was received. It is a homogeneous material with uniform distribution of the silicon organic and inorganic phases at the molecular level. High physical and mechanical properties as well as temperature resistance of vulcanizates based on the new rubber is shown.

Key words: polyphenylsilsesquioxane-polydimethylsiloxane block copolymer, physical and mechanical properties, temperature resistance.

Properties of binary alloys ε-caprolactam – salicylic acid – Puchkov A.F., Kablov V.F., Chernyak E.V. (P. 12)

Physicochemical properties of binary alloys ε-caprolactam – salicylic acid are studied by menace of light microscopy, IR-Fourier spectroscopy and DTA. Phase diagram is optained. These alloys have to be classified with the system of a simple eutectic. Binary alloys can be considered as a dispersion medium for production of complex compounds.

Key words: binary alloys, dispersion medium, physicochemical properties.

Study of the Possibility of the Application of Nickel-Activated Multilayer Carbon Nanotubes at the Development of Catalysts – Kobotaeva N.S., Skorokhodova T.S. (P. 16)

The composite materials based on multilayer carbon nanotubes activated with nanosized nickel are produced using the method of chemical reduction of metals from solutions of their salts. Nickel coating of the carbon nanotubes is shown to be amorphous. This suggests that particles deposited on carbon nanotubes are nanosized. The use of nickel-activated carbon nanotubes in the catalytic cumene oxidation with molecular oxygen makes it possible to significantly decrease a temperature of this process and to enhance its selectivity

Key words: carbon nanotubes, nanosized nickel particles, catalytic cumene oxidation.

Study of Abrasive Activity of Natural Mineral Carboncontaining Compounds – Components of Polymeric Composition Materials – Potapov E.E., Bobrov A.P., Kablov V.F., Novopoltseva O.M., Smal B.A., Zemlyanko T.A. (P. 20)

Abrasive activity of carboncontaining natural mineral filler Karelit and its modifinig form Karelit-MK has been studied. Their abrasive activity is shown to be two times lower than that of Tauriit TS-D. So the use of Karelit and Karelit-MK results in lower abrasive wear of rubber-mixing equipment for production of tires and rubber technical goods.

Key words: Karelit, Karelit-MK, Taurit TS-D, abrasive activity, wear of processing equipment.

Rubber Modified Bitumen for Open-Cast Mining – Khristoforova A.A., Sokolova M.D., Filippov S.E., Zarovnyaev B.N. Davydova M.L. (P. 22)

The possibility of the use of rubber modified bitumen for construction of open-cast mine roads is discussed. The comparative results of study of asphalt baseed on sand-gravel mixture and rubber modified bitumen are presented.

Key words: rubber crumb, rubber modified bitumen, asphalt, zeolite, mechanical activation, open-cast mining roads.

Structure and Mechanical Properties of Real Elastomers under Quasi-Equilibrium Condition – Sokolovsky A.A. (P. 26)

The consequence of thermodynamic analysis of behavior of element of elastomer network under quasi-equilibrium deformation and results obtained by method “equilibrium thermomechanical analysis” under different temperatures are under discussion. Conclusions on low temperature and thermooxidation behavior of rubber seals as well as on narrow molecular-mass distribution in element of elastomer network and step-wise character of elastomer deformation are presented.

Key words: quasi-equilibrium deformation, molecular-mass distribution, glass transition temperature, temperature of plastic flow, low temperature behavior of rubber seals, thermooxidation resistance.

Study of acoustic absorption of tire rubber – Karanets A.O., Vlasov  V.V., Legnina N.A., Solovyev M.E. (P. 30)

In this paper, we propose a method of estimating the sound absorption coefficient of tire rubber with a specially developed laboratory appliance. The relationship of the sound absorption with viscoelastic properties of rubber has been investigated. As an application of established techniques the measurement of sound absorption coefficient in the rubber compounds for passenger tire it is shown.

Key words: sound absorption of rubber, viscoelastic properties, passenger tires.

Anthracite as Valuable Row Materials for Production of Substances Providing Ecological Safety – Mukhin V.M., Uchanov P.V. (P. 34)

Properties of anthracite of different regions of Russia are investigated as raw materials for receiving activated carbons (AC). Simplified technology of receiving AC is worked out; experimental commercial parties of activated carbons of anthracite (ACA) are produced. Their physical and mechanical characteristics, porous structure and adsorption properties are studied. Comparative analysis of properties of the ACA with that of industrial brands AC as well as results of the tests examined the ACA in real-tonnage industrial processes, such as water treatment and gold hydrometallurgy are presented.

Key words: anthracite, activated carbon, activation, adsorption property, porous structure, water treatment.

What is the intellectual ownership – Busarev G.G. (P. 36)

Extended determination of the intellectual ownership and some examples of its protection are presented.

Key words: intellectual ownership.

Science and Technology of Rubber in China (International Rubber Conference-2014 in Peking) – Reznichenko S.V., Morozov Yu.L., Reznichenko D.S. (P. 38)

Review of papers presented at the International Rubber Conference-2014 (IRC-2014) (Peking, 16 – 18.09.14)

Key words: conference, rubber, rubber goods, tires, fillers, nanocomposites, ingredients, processing.

25-th Jubilee Symposium “Problems of Tires, Rubber Technical Goods and Elastomer Composites” – Veselov I.V., Gamlitskiy Yu.A. (P. 46)

Review of papers presented at the 25-th Jubilee Symposium “Problems of Tires, Rubber Technical Goods and Elastomer Composites” (Moscow District, 13 -17.10.14)

Key words: conference, calculation, tires, rubber goods, rubber/cord composites, fillers, nanocomposites, ingredients, adhesion, bitumen.

7th International Conference “The Time of Polymers and Composites” (TOP-7) – Zaikov G.E, Zimina L.A. Artsis M.I., (P. 54)

Review of papers presented at 7th International Conference “The Time of Polymers and Compozites” (Island of Ischia, Bay of Naples, Italy, 22 – 26.06.14).

Key words: conference, nanocomposites, rheology, adhesion, glass transition, polymer strength.

Interplastic 2015 and Packing/PackItaly 2015 (P. 56)

Post-release of the Exhibition “Interplastic 2015 and Packing/PackItaly 2015” (Moscow, Expocenter, 27– 30.01.14)

Key words: exhibition, plastics, packing.

Jubilee Readings Devoted to 120 Anniversary of the Birthday of Academician Ya.K. Syrkin (P. 58)

Information about readings devoted to 120 anniversary of the birthday of academician Ya.K. Syrkin (Moscow, MITChT,12.12.14)

Key words: Ya.K. Syrkin, quantum chemistry, resonance theory.

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