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¹1, 2010

Institute of Synthetic Rubber to 100 Anniversary of Pioneer Works by S.V. Lebedev – Grigoryan G.V. (P. 2).

History of the foundation of Lebedev Scientific Research Institute of Synthetic Rubber, connected with pioneer works by S.V. Lebedev, and information about the history, development, achievements, problems and prospects of the Institute are presented.

Key words: synthetic rubbers

Production of Synthetic Rubber in Russia at 100 Anniversary of Its Invention – Bukhina M.F. (P. 3).

Information about meeting of Commission of RUPP on Chemistry and Oilchemistry devoted to 100 Anniversary of invention of Synthetic Rubber. Review of Reports. (Moscow, 11.12.09).

Key words: synthetic rubbers

Colloquium by Company LANXESS Devoted to 100 Anniversary of Invention of Synthetic Rubber – Bukhina M.F. (P. 6).

Information about Colloquium by Company LANXESS devoted to 100 Anniversary of invention of Synthetic Rubber. Review of Reports. (Colon, Germany, 12.09.09).

Key words: synthetic rubbers

Polymerization of Butadine over Modified Neodimium Based Catalyst Sistem – Akhmetov I.G., Akhmetova D.R., Salakhov I.I., Sakhabutdinov A.G., Kozlov V.G. (P. 9).

Polymerization of butadiene over modified neodymium catalyst system was studied. Increase of catalyst activity under addition of methylalumoxane was found. The kinetic parameters of the polymerization process and molecular characteristics of Polybutadiene were determined and stereospecifity of obtained butadiene rubber was shown. Physical and mechanical properties of vulcanized rubber meet the industrial requirements.

Key words: polymerization kinetics, polybutadiene, modified neodymium catalyst system, molecular characteristic

Technical Synthesis of Random Styrene – Butadiene Copolymer – Gusev A.V., Rachinskii A.V., Sitnikova V.V., Tkachev A.V., Kireev V.V., Glukhovskoi V.S. (P. 12).

The possibility to produce random butadiene-styrene copolymer (rubber DSSK 2545M27) in accordance with consumers requirements was shown if continuous polymerization was in use.

Key words: butadiene-styrene rubbers, continuous polymerization, mechanical properties

Properties of Commercial Styrene-Butadiene Solution-Obtained Rubbers of a High Vinyl Content – Gusev A.V., Rachinskii A.V., Sitnikova V.V., Efremov A.A., Tkachev A.V., Bocharov V.D., Kireev V.V., Glukhovskoi V.S. (P. 15).

Oil-plasticiser extended  styrene-butadiene solution-obtained rubber DSSK-2560M27 of high vinyl content was produced in industrial scale. Properties of rubber and vulcanized rubber of standard formulation have been studied.

Key words: styrene-butadiene solution-obtained rubber of high vinyl content, mechanical properties

The Synthesis and Properties 1,2-syndiotactic Polybutadiene – Tikhomirova I.N., Avzalova A.R., Kazakov Yu.M., Aksenov V.I., Galibeev S.S., Vol'fson S.I. (P. 16).

The 1,2-syndiotactic polybutadiene was produced over cobalt catalyst system. The influence of addition of the 1,2-syndiotactic polybutadiene on physical and mechanical as well as service properties of rubber compounds and vulcanizates based on neodymium 1,4-cis-polybutadien (Buna CB-24) were investigated. Addition of 1,2-syndiotactic polybutadiene improves strength characteristics and durability; high tire traction on wet and icy roads are attained.

Key words: synthesis, stereoregular and 1,2-syndiotactic polybutadiene, cobalt catalyst system, mechanical properties, tire wet traction

Investigation of Butadiene Acrylonitrile Rubber by NMR, IR and DSC – Mashukov V.I., Mastushkina I.V., Maksimova N.V., Maksimov D.A., Kazakov Yu.M., Egorov A.V. (P. 18).

Composition of butadiene acrylonitrile rubber have been studied by means of NMR, IR and DSC. Content of 1,2- and 1,4-butadiene and acrylonitrile units is determined. Correlation between IR data and glass transition temperature with acrylonitrile content is shown.

Key words: butadiene acrylonitrile rubber, acrylonitrile contents, NMR, IR, DSC. glass transition temperature

Patrikeev–Mullins Effect under 3D Deformation of Latex Rubber – Kondratov A.P. (P. 21).

3D deformation of balloons produced from latex vulcanized rubber has been studied by means of measurement of gas pressure inside balloons and their dimensions. Results were in comparison with data obtained under one- and two-dimension. Patrikeev–Mullins effect under 3D cyclic deformation is quite differing. Effect of swelling in dibutyl phthalate on strength properties is shown. The possibility of improvement of the processing of souvenirs’ and advertising goods by the method of screen printing on balloons surfaces is under discussion.

Key words: Patrikeev–Mullins effect, 3D cyclic deformation, latex rubber balloons, strength properties

Effect of Shungit on Properties of Rubber Compounds Based on EPDM – Zenitova L.A., Nurmukhametova A.N. (P. 25).

Influence of shungit on properties of rubber compounds based on EPDM is studied. The opportunity of its use them for manufacture of non-mould rubber-fabric technical goods is shown.

Key words: EPDM, shungit, non-mould rubber-fabric technical goods

Compounds Based on Liquid Fluorosilicone Rubber – Rozhkov A.G., Kopylov V.M., Kireev V.V., Shragin D.I., Isaev Yu.V., Kukush-kin S.Yu., Gevorkyan L.N. (P. 27).

Vulcanized compounds based on liquid copolymer of methyl-vinyl- and fluorosilicone rubber filled with cork have been developed, their mechanical properties and oil resistance studied. The dependence of properties on content of components in copolymer and independence on its molecular mass is shown as well as the use of cork as filler.

Key words: liquid copolymer fluorosilicone rubbers, cork as filler

Influence of the Coagulant Based on Quaternary Ammonium Salt on Properties of Emulsion SBR, Rubber Compounds and Vulcanizates – Nikulin S.S. Karmanova O.V., Poyarkova T.N. (P. 30).

Coagulant based on quaternary ammonium salt was in use for coagulation of latex of emulsion SBR. Processing and vulcanization characteristics of rubber compounds and mechanical properties of vulcanized rubber have been studied. The required level of all properties have been shown.

Key words: emulsion SBR, latex, coagulation, replacement of ingredients, processing and mechanical properties

Vulcanization Activity of Wastes of Sulfur Añid Production in Polybutadiene Based Rubbers – Nikulina N.S., Sedykh V.A. (P. 33).

The opportunity of the application of sulfur-containing wastes of sulfur añid production as vulcanization agents of Polybutadiene based rubbers was under consideration. Decrease of strength but increase of tear resistance, dynamic properties and aging resistance are shown.

Key words: sulfur-containing wastes, replacement of ingredients, mechanical properties.

Optimized Rolling Resistant Tire Treads with Aflux® 37 and Aflux® 72 in Rubber – Goff D. (P. 35).

Improvement of processing and service-connected properties of silica filled rubber compounds in presence of silane of new type (VP Si 363) and special processing promoters Aflux® 37 and Aflux® 72 (developed by Rhein Chemie Rheinau GmbH) is shown.

Key words: silica, silane, processing promoters, processing and mechanical properties

Modified Adhesives Compositions Based on Chlorsulfopolyethylene of Better Adhesion to Vulcanized Rubbers – Keibal N.A., Bondarenko S.N., Kablov V.F., Bulgakov A.V. (P. 39).

Adhesion strength of modified adhesives to vulcanized rubbers has been studied. The possibility to improve it by means of modification of chlorsulfopolyethylene by amino-containing substances is shown.

Key words: adhesion, chlorsulfopolyethylene, amino-containing substances.

The Choice of Rational Mode of High Elastic Tires of Extra Low Pressure Operation – Pryadkin V.I., Zaitsev S.D., Goncharenko S.V., Streblechenko L.S. (P. 40).

Results of bench tests of extra low pressure tires and its mathematic handling have been presented. Optimal series of service loads and pressures under recommended vertical deformation were based. Hysteresis losses were in use for evaluation of tire work capacity.

Key words: low pressure tires, tire work capacity, hysteresis losses

International Exhibition «Khimiya-2009» – Kotova I.P. (P. 42).

Review of International Exhibition «Khimiya-2009» (Moscow Exhibition Center, Krasnaya Presnya, 28.09 – 2.10.09).

Key words: International exhibition, Chemistry

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