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¹5, 2009

Dependence of Properties of Radiation Vulcanizates Based on BNK-PVC Blends on the Structure of Vulcanizing Network – Mamedov Sh.M., Gasanov V.Ya., Aliev A,A. (P. 2).

Radiation vulcanization of blends BNR (SKN-40) and PVC (PVCh-30) in presence of different vulcanizing and sensitizing agents, ZnO and carbon black has been studied. Different effect of radiation dose on network density for different systems is shown. Mechanical properties, electric strength as well as temperature dependencies of mechanical and dielectric losses of filled system obtained under different radiation doses were also studied.

Key words: BNR-PVC blends, radiation vulcanization, mechanical properties, mechanical losses, dielectric losses, electric strength.

Effect of Addition of Silica Nanopowder (“Tarkosil”) on Mechanical Properties of Rubber – Bardakhanov S.P., Zav'yalov A.P., Zobov K.V., Lysenko V.I., Nomoev A.V., Soboleva K.N., Trubachev G.V. (P. 5).

Effect of addition of silica nanopowder (“Tarkosil”) on strength (sr) and modulus (E) of silicone rubber has been studied. Tarkosil has been obtained by evaporation of initial powder under electron beam in electron accelerator. Increase of Tarkosil content from 0 to 13% results in 2.8 times increase of E; maximum increase of sr (also 2.8 times) is at 9% content of Tarkosil.

Key words: silica nanopowder, silicone rubber, mechanical properties.

Theoretical Determination of Thermal Conductivity of an Elastomer Composite Filled by Nanoparticles – Novakov I.A., Kablov V.F., Petryuk I.P. (P. 6).

Physical model of an elastomer composite filled by particles of the nanometer size is under consideration. It allows to increase the accuracy of theoretical determination of thermal conductivity of rubbers filled by active fillers.

Key words: filled elastomers, thermal conductivity, nanocomposites, physical model.

Effect of Fillers of Different Dispersity on Properties of Fluorosilicone Rubbers – Rozhkov A.G., Kopylov V.M., Kireev V.V., Shragin D.I., Isaev Yu.V., Kukushkin S.Yu., Gevorkyan L.N. (P. 8).

Effect of fillers of different special surfaces and some additives on properties of fluorosilicone rubbers was studied. Best improvement of physical and mechanical properties in use of combination of different fillers is shown.

Key words: fluorosilicone rubbers, fillers, special surfaces, additives

Study of the Genesis of Carbon Black Agglomerates in Rubber Compounds – Strizhak E.A., Razd'yakonova G.I., Nedel'kin V.I. (P. 10).

Sizes of primary carbon black agglomerates and their sizes in rubber (NR and SBR) compounds have been studied and compared. Linear relationships between these sites are obtained and correspondent equations presented.

Key words: rubber, carbon black agglomerates, microscopy.

Plasticizer MESAMOLL® for Butadiene Acrylonitrile Rubber – Widemaier M. (P. 11).

Advantages of new plasticizer MESAMOLL® for BNR are shown. It is of not phthalate nature, so there are no ecological problems of its use. Comparison with DEHP shows the higher level of some elastomer properties.

Key words: MESAMOLL®, plasticizers, ecological problems, complex improvement of properties, replacement of ingredients, BNR.

On the Possibility of The Replacement of Diaphen FP by Novantox P in Tires and Other Rubber Goods – Kavun S.M., Vinokurov Yu.V., Sokolovskii A.A. (P. 12).

Properties of Novantox P have been studied by some physical methods. Processing properties of rubber compounds and mechanical properties of some tire and other rubbers containing Diaphen FP and Novantox P are under comparison.

Key words: Diaphen FP, Novantox P, replacement of ingredients, mechanical properties, TGA, EPR.

Active Processing Additives Based on Attendant Products of Vegetable Oil Production – Karmanova O.V. (P. 18).

Attendant products of vegetable oil production have been sampled as active processing additives. Increase of the level of processing and mechanical properties of rubber is shown as well as the possibility of the substitution of the part of ZnO.

Key words: processing additives, ZnO content

Some Recommendation on Production of Antiagers Dispersion – Puchkov A.F., Spiridonova M.P., Kablov V.F., Turenko S.V. (P. 21).

Properties of alloy of the antioxidants containing e-caprolactam have been studied and its application recommended. Mechanism of its action is under consideration.

Key words: antioxidants, alloy of ingredients.

On Modification of Tire Cord Dipping Composition by Complex Forming Substance – Shmurak I.L. (P. 24).

Addition of di-natrium salt of ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid in dipping composition based on lattices with nitrogene-containing groups in polymers prevents the negative influence of ferric ions on tire cord-to-rubber adhesion.

Key words: dipping composition, latex, tire cord-to-rubber adhesion.

Effect of Addition of Oligomers (Liquid Rubbers) on the Properties of Rubber Compounds and Vulcanized Rubbers. 1. Modification of Polybutadiene Compounds – Voronkhichin V.D., Dubkov K.A., Ivanov D.P., Semikolenov S.V., Ershov D.V., Il'in I.A., Panov G.I. (P. 25).

Modifying effect of two oligobutadienes and functional oligomer of new type (unsaturated polyketone) on the properties of row and vulcanize butadiene rubbers was studied. It was shown that addition of the polyketone into raw compound improves some of processing and mechanical properties of obtained rubbers.

Key words: modification, liquid rubbers, Polybutadiene, processing and mechanical properties.

Modification of Fluoroelastomers by Hydrogenated Butadiene Acrylonitrile Rubber – Dvornikov D.E., Krivov A.V., Klochkov V.I., Sirotinkin N.V. (P. 28).

Modification of fluoroelastomers by addition of 10–15 phr of hydrogenated butadiene acrylonitrile rubber has been studied. Improve-ment of processing and sometimes even mechanical and service properties of obtained rubbers based on fluoroelastomer SKF-26 is shown.

Key words: modification, fluoroelastomers, hydrogenated butadiene acrylonitrile rubber, processing and mechanical properties.

Forming of Thermo-protective Rubber-like Coatings of Ethylene-Propylene-diene Rubber Compound – Belyakova E.G., Melnikov V.N. (P. 30).

Kinetics of vulcanization of ethylene-propylene rubber compound for thermo-protective rubber-like coatings of a gas-generator body is studied. Shore A hardness is used successfully as a method of this study.

Key words: kinetics of vulcanization, ethylene-propylene rubber, Shore A hardness.

XVIII and XIX Russian Symposiums “Problems of Tire and Rubber/Cord Composites” – Veselov I.V., Gamlitskii Yu.A. (P. 33).

Review of papers presented on XVIII and XIX Russian Symposiums “Problems of tire and rubber/cord composites”, organized by NTC “NIIShP” (October 15–19. 2007 and October 13–17. 2008, near Moscow).

Key words: tire, rubber goods, rubber/cord composites, mechanics, physics, methods.

International Forum on Nanotechnology «RUSNANOTECH-08» – Petrova N.N. (P. 38).

Review of events and papers presented at International forum on nanotechnology (Moscow, Exhibition Center, 3 – 5.12. 2008)

Key words: nanotechnology, nanoparticles.

Exhibition “Industrial Week 2008” – Khodzhabagyan L. (P. 41).

Review of events at exhibition week “Industrial week 2008”, especially «Chem Plast Asia 2008», with some part devoted to rubber (Tashkent, 02–04.10.08).

Key words: exhibition, rubber.

Concern LANXESS. Information about Health, Security and Responsibility for the Way and Aim of the Use of Products. – (According to the Information of the Company) (P. 41).

Information about rules of the use of products by Concern LANXESS.

Key words: Concern LANXESS, rules of the use of products.

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