Subject matter

"Kautchuk i resina" (Russian rubbers), the only Russian journal concerning all the problems of rubber science and technology have been founded in 1927. Nearly all the companies in Russia in the field, both producers and consumers are among our subscribers; there are our subscribers in all the regions of Russia as well as in Ukraine, Byelorussia and Kazakhstan. All the researchers and engineers dealing with raw materials, rubbers and rubber goods are among the readers of the journal. There are also some subscribers in other countries.

Besides original papers there are reviews, reports about new books in Russia and abroad, Information about International and Russian Conferences and Exhibitions as well as translation of papers of some foreign authors in our journal. Special attention is paid to information about the rubber and tire plants and other companies produced elastomer materials and goods. Ecological problems of rubber industry as well as problems connected with the use of waste materials are under consideration.

Titles and brief abstracts of papers are published in English For some years nearly all the papers had been translated in English by RAPRA and published in journal "International Polymer Science and Technology".

Now journal is multicolored, 6 issues per year.

Scientific papers are the mains content of the journal. Usual subjects of the papers are listed below:

  • Synthesis and properties of rubbers;
  • Thermoplastic elastomers;
  • Physics and chemistry of elastomers;
  • Modification and vulcanization of elastomers;
  • Ingredients, raw materials;
  • Reinforcing materials;
  • Rubber/cord and other composite materials;
  • Compounding;
  • Calculation, design and service of tires, and different other elastomeric goods;
  • Adhesion;
  • Hermetics;
  • Processing and processing equipment;
  • Simulation and modeling of physical and chemical processes and processing of elastomers;
  • Test equipment and methods;
  • Waste materials and worn-out goods processing and application;
  • Ecological problems of production and application of elastomers.

In Advertisements published in our journal one can find some information about producers of elastomers and connected production both in Russia and abroad.

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